These demonstrations can be tailored to cover a whole day, half a day or an evening as desired.

Bits and Pieces for beginners.

Simple things for beginners using offcuts of wood including - Weedpots - Mushrooms - Lightpulls - Pens.

Lidded Boxes.

A variety of boxes - Finials - Inlays - Chinese - etc.

The natural edge.

Bowls, Candlesticks, Pots.

English Woods.

An illustrated talk covering qualities, uses and folklaw of British woods supported by some simple turning.

Bowls are boring?

Bowl turning demonstration with slides to encourage greater adventure in bowl turning.


A demonstration which covers - Wood dyes - Pattinating - Liming - Grain enhancing - Burning.
Wood for free
An illustrated talk and demonstration showing how to find and process wood from green to completion.
Tools and Techniques
A demonstration aimed mainly at beginners which shows the use of various tools and turning techniques. This can be tailored to suit various audiences.